Wednesday, December 30, 2015

You say Gre(nay)da, I say Grenada

We leave for Grenada, in about six days. Excited anticipation is building to see what it will be. Will the bed be comfortable?  Will the water outside our door be good swimming?  How will the locals treat us?  What will I paint?

Last year in Trinidad the birds were so beautiful and abundant I had to paint them. The spectacular national bird of Trinidad, the Scarlet Isis painting went back to the islands, to Barbados as a gift for for and from relatives.   The first bird influenced painting, Hummingbirth which was inspired by my little companion, the Copper-rumped hummingbird, will be in an exhibit while we are away, at the Janet Carson Gallery in Eau Claire,WIsconsin. Fabulous Florals is an exhibit of floral designs by area florists inspired by a work of art. It'll be interesting to see what they do with Hummingbirth

I found a nice heavy canvas bag designed to carry golf clubs on a plane. I'm planning to load it with acrylics , rolls of canvas and stretcher bars like I did last year. That worked out great.

Yata's trying to decide what and how many guitars to bring. His job with the Menomonie School district is done for now. He thoroughly enjoyed working with the teachers and toddlers at Stout's Early Childhood program. 

The Accola Gallery is soon closing until mid March.

Join us if you'd like. Feb 29th. Party on Grenada.