Saturday, January 23, 2016

January 23, 2016
Here's an update on our current adventure:

Grenada is one fine place for so many reasons.  We're on the water on the lee shore (quiet side) on a very private section beach cut off from the rest of the masses due to private property, rocks and a cliff.  We swim everyday and catch plenty of rays.  We're also on the bus route into town so there's easy access to shopping.  The island is very clean, no litter, and the people are friendly and not trying to hassle you with selling stuff.  You simply say "no thanks" in a nice way, and they leave you alone.  Anyway, we leave tomorrow for a week long sailing voyage up the Grenadine Islands.  We've never done something like this before, so it should be quite an adventure.  There's a full moon tonight which will be amazing to see from the water.

Jean is working on her 7th painting since we arrived two weeks ago.  I've written two pretty good songs and am writing lyrics, as well.  All is good here.

Peace and Music,

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  1. I just checked in to your blog this morning. Best of sailing. I do love the colorful food pictures and cant wait to see the sea paintings...maybe one will be the dvd cover for your new album Yata...