Monday, January 18, 2016

One of our Most Freaky Travel Experiences

We were woken on Saturday morning by our neighbor Noel who were  going to go to the Honey Nursery with; he and his wife Lorna. Noel's first words that day were, " I think Bev is dead". What?
Are you sure?  "I touched her, she's cold".  What a strange, literally shocking thing to hear.  

Bev or Beverly Modder was our landlady, living upstairs.  She was about 65 years old, slim, medium complected with dyed black hair.  She was originally from Sri Lanka but currently a resident of Canada with a home in Vancouver.  Lorna had heard from Brian, the caretaker here, that Bev had been blacking out periodically and wouldn't go to the doctor.

Bev had taken Lorna and Noel's laundry to wash on Friday afternoon and would normally have returned soon thereafter to hang it on the line.  But Friday night there was no appearance of Bev or laundry.  Lorna tried calling via phone and emailing to no avail. They could hear the television though.  In the morning after having knocked on the front door with no answer, they jimmied the locked door from their apartment to the laundry and Lorna went upstairs to find Bev on the sofa apparently deceased.

It's a couple days later now. The police have been here to investigate and remove the body.  We've all been somewhat concerned for security as the police hadn't secured the upstairs back doors very well and we thought it'd be too easy for someone to break in up there and get into our apartments.  And what about guests who are coming this week to stay in the room that Lorna and Noel will be vacating?

We've heard that the autopsy said she had a massive heart attack. Brian arrived this morning and says that Bev's daughter from Canada is coming and that he will take care of our accommodations for now. 

So maybe it will all be status quo while we are here, til March 8th.  We leave to sail for a week next Sunday.  Kay and Dwight, our fellow sailors, arrive tonight

Rest in Peace Beverly

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