Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whew...we made it!

We are in our apartment in Barcelona, the wifi works, yeah!
We're starving so we are going to explore the offering in the neighborhood. Tibetan sounds interesting, although I have no idea what that consists of.

We made really good connections getting here.  The Lufthansa flight from Newark to Frankfurt was nice.  They treated us in economy with some of the first class amenities.  Since the plane was half empty we had four seats to stretch out and lay down in.  Slept a bit. So we made seven transfers not counting the airport terminal shuttles from the time we left our home until this apartment.

It's interesting to see the contrast between the German 'sensibility' vs the Spanish 'sentimiento'.  Spanish definitely more layed back but things are not as clean and well run either.  For example. Trying to buy a train pass at the airport for the city, the automatic machine wouldn't take a debit card, then it wouldn't take the credit card, then it wouldn't take a large euro bill and then it 'thought' twice about whether or not to take the 20 euro note.  Meanwhile it took two employees to help us go through this whole supposed automatic process! 

Time to eat!

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